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Arranging A Funeral

One of the most stressful times in anyone's life is when the death of a loved one occurs. We need to feel that our great loss is understood and that there is someone capable of interpreting our precise needs. That’s where Watson Funeral Directors comes in.

The myriad of arrangements that have to be made at this time can and will baffle most of us. However, we will relieve you of that burden by giving you the complete and comprehensive service your loved one justly deserves, from the preparation of your loved one and the flower arrangements to the church service and the purchasing and opening of the grave. You can trust F. Watson and Son Funeral Directors with all the necessary arrangements.


F. Watson and Son Funeral Directors provides a wide variety of coffins for the funeral service. We appreciate that the grieving family can find choosing a coffin a trying and daunting task, therefore we are extremely sensitive and appreciative of the specific needs of the family. Our main objective is to provide families with a wide selection of coffins and caskets to suit a range of requirements.

Death Notices

Organising a death notice can often be an overwhelming task for loved ones.We can place death notices, on your behalf, in local or national newspapers, arrange announcements on local radio and organise death notices for online websites like and

The Funeral Service

F. Watson and Son Funeral Directors arrange music for the service with professional vocalists, organists or choirs who will cater for your musical requests. We order floral tributes from professional florists on behalf of the deceased’s family and friends. We provide Condolence Books for those attending the funeral to sign. We arrange limousine transport for family members if required.


Choosing to have a burial or cremation is a deeply personal decision and we always stick to wishes of the deceased and their family. We assist with any paperwork and arrange for the burial or cremation to take place in the loaction of your choice. We also assist with the opening of new or existing graves and temporary grave markers. 


F. Watson and Son Funeral Directors have extensive experience in dealing with the added complexity of a death overseas and the task of returning the deceased to their loved ones in Ireland. We can also assist with repatriating those who have died in Ireland to their home country. We facilitate the co-ordination of all documents required from coroners, embassies and airlines and the preparation of the deceased to ensure a dignified presentation on return to their home country. 

Pre-Need Services

You may wish to contact a Funeral Director because you are concerned about your own funeral arrangements, or those of someone who is ill. When the time for your funeral does come, all arrangements will be carried out to your exact specifications. Contact Watson Funeral Directors in confidence. We handle all pre-planned funeral requests with dignity and sensitivity.